Travel with Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil – Your essential travel companion.

Magnesium Oil - your essential travel companion

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon of getting home from a holiday, only to feel like you need a holiday to get over your holiday?! Not ideal when its’ one of those uber-expensive overseas ones! To help lessen the stress and drain on your body that holidays can sometimes have, next time we suggest you take along our essential travel companion, Magnesium oil!

Why Magnesium oil you may ask? Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in keeping our body in good health. It supports over 300 reactions within the body and is involved in almost every tissue in the body. When you travel, especially to foreign environments, your body can become more susceptible to ill health. Boosting your Magnesium intake before, during and after you travel is an easy and effective way to keep your body functioning at its best. As much as we all love a salt soak, carrying your favourite magnesium infused salt around with you on holidays isn’t always practical, this is where the magic of Magnesium Oil comes into play!

Magnesium Oil has approximately 100mg of elemental Magnesium in only 8 sprays so it is an incredibly powerful way to boost your intake in a travel friendly package! Some of the benefits that magnesium oil can bring to your next holiday are:

  • A Good Nights’ Sleep
    Magnesium is known to be great for relaxing muscles and for generally calming the body and the mind. Applying magnesium oil to your body before bedtime will help with getting to sleep and staying asleep for longer.
  • Aches & Pains
    When we travel we will often find ourselves with some extra twitches or niggles that weren’t there before we set off, especially if a long plane or car trip is involved! When your muscles are tight you are more likely to get a muscle strain and the resulting aches and pains – have you ever turned your head slightly to then be in a world of pain?! Keeping your muscles relaxed will help protect you from harm, a massage with magnesium oil on the areas you are prone to suffer tightness in could save you a world of pain!
  • Decrease Jet Lag
    If you are travelling to a country in a different time zone then the prospect of getting jet lag is very real! One of the ways to help your body not get so out of whack is to not sleep until the evening time of the country that you have just arrived in. This can seem impossible if you have spent over a day on a flight with little to no sleep! Again, magnesium oil can do wonders for sleep. Working out when is best for you to sleep on the plane and applying magnesium oil strategically could be your ticket to a relatively jet lag free holiday.
  • Stimulate the Bodies Natural Defences
    When travelling your body is more prone to pick up germs and if you are in a different culture or region to your own then your defence system has to work harder to fight them. Magnesium is known to keep your bodies’s natural defences strong so increasing your intake via magnesium oil is an easy, safe and effective way to protect your body when travelling.
  • Increase Your Holiday Bliss
    Several studies have shown that magnesium aids in lowering stress and holidays can sometimes be incredibly stressful! With the added pressure of feeling that you “should be” feeling relaxed, it can be guilt inducing when you simply can’t unwind. Magnesium relaxes the brain, and that combined with keeping your muscles relaxed is a fantastic remedy for helping you keep your bliss while away.

There is no way that you can control all of the crazy factors that can pop up on holiday! However, our hope is that with Magnesium oil you will stay in good health, keep well rested and be in a better frame of mind to help you laugh out loud more often and enjoy the holiday ride!

Stay in good health when travelling


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