It’s about Us & You – a community of like-minded individuals aware that there is so much more to health, vitality and living a long life than what conventional wisdom would have us believe. There are natural alternatives that can aid us all in the journey to better health – they can assist us with steady improvements from an ailment or diagnosis or maintaining health as we age. This community knows that using products that benefit body, mind, home and environment is the way forward. We are on the same journey – it’s about us & you!

What’s different about Blants to others – we are authentic, we are pioneers and our heart is 100% wrapped in what we do.

Our beginnings

Let us introduce ourselves – our names are Tony and Anna, the co-founders of Blants. Many years ago, one of our children was diagnosed with Autism, the severe low end of the spectrum; there was a grieving period as we processed the news. We linked with the Autism community via an online forum run by a kind-hearted lady, Jan Brenton. The forum offered a bio-medical approach to Autism, with many of its members finding success in using Epsom salt. We started buying small 500g packets from the chemist for our child, and like many other parents, we soon discovered the burden on our hip pocket buying it this way. We searched to buy it in larger quantities, but to no avail. We asked other parents within the autism community if they would be interested if we were to buy a full tonne and divide it up amongst ourselves – hands quickly went up. And that’s where it all began – in trying to assist our child, we unintentionally became the go-to people, the “Pioneers” of bulk salts.

Early growth

Early growth

We discovered we were on a new learning curve – but not too steep, since we were already inclined towards an alternative healthier lifestyle. It’s strange where life takes you – from a young age it was within Tony’s core to consider and research minerals, soils, plants, how the body works and all the intricate details. Wind the clock forward many years and that research became the platform to understanding Epsom salt and the products we added later on. We were not content to just sell any Epsom salt, so the intense research and learning began. Fully devoted and driven to undertake a colossal amount of research on each product – origin, source, production, grading, quality control, supply chains, spec sheets and analysis in order to supply premium natural alternatives that benefit the whole family. This has been our philosophy with every product since; deep research on every product until we are 100% sure and fully satisfied.

By word of mouth we grew – no website, we on sold under our brand and soon after, simultaneously, became the national distributors for Murray River Salt who (back then) produced an Australian natural Epsom salt. That was some 12 years ago. We’ve come a long way from our beginnings in a double garage, to shared warehouse space, to our own warehouses.

Where does the name “Blants” come from?

The name “Blants” is an acronym made up from the first letter of each family member’s name. As an Australian family-run business, with an amazing team who also feel like family, we felt this name was fitting.

Yes sure, we could’ve chosen a more descriptive name that reflects the industry, but we wanted to keep it true to how Blants evolved.

We love what we do!

And receiving your feedback is doubly rewarding.

“My son has sulfation issues, allergies, hypersensitivity and I’m glad I can trust all their products will be safe for him to use.”

“My two ASD kids have been using Blants Epsom Salts in their baths for a couple of years now and I recommend it to everyone. This product gently assists my two sensitive boys with their detoxification processes and can often be the best thing after a difficult day at school.”

“I have a sensitivity to fragrance and Blants Washing Soda added to my wash is the only thing I’ve been able to find that removes persistent fragrance residue.
I would highly recommend Blants Washing soda for a really fresh, clean wash!!”

“Your laundry blend is supreme… have been through the entire house washing everything in sight; beautiful white clean shining sheets, so soft and clean smelling without the heavily perfumed washing powders available from supermarkets. Just love your product, thanks so much.”

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