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Laundry Blend
Laundry Blend

Blants Laundry Blend

We are a passionate team at Blants! Passion is what inspires us, gives us our kick-start, our mojo each day! We love what we do! That same passion inspired us to formulate Laundry Blend.

Modern washing detergents are a chemical concoction. Many skin sensitive, chemical sensitive, or scent sensitive people can experience distress after washing in commercial laundry detergents. It seems there remains a residual of those chemicals within the fibres of materials. Most of us would prefer an alternative! There are some aptly named eco friendly laundry powders on the market, but a read through the ingredients in even some of those leaves you wondering!
So we decided to craft our own. We tested and tweaked it until we arrived at our crafted formula we simply named Laundry Blend. Our Laundry Blend is a plant and mineral based formula that really works!

What’s NOT in our Laundry Blend

There are none, absolutely none of these chemicals that irritate sensitive skin.

  • No added colours or fragrance
  • No artificial brighteners
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Phosphate free
  • No added acids
  • Enzyme free
  • No fillers

That’s really good news!

What IS in our Laundry Blend

  • Ground Coconut Soap – this is Blants own Ground Coconut Soap made in Sri Lanka exclusively for Blants. Made from three simple ingredients – Organic Coconuts, Lye and water. Fat or oil, lye and water are the three base essential ingredients of any soap. We don’t add anything extra.
  • Sodium Percarbonate – Sodium Percarbonate is an oxygen booster. Whoever thought of this is a genius. It is hydrogen peroxide encased in washing soda. When added to hot water the dense oxygen within the hydrogen peroxide is released into the water. As an ingredient in this formula it reacts with and infuses all the ingredients with an enhanced oxygen boost wash.
  • Washing Soda – Our Washing Soda is from a natural source in the USA. Washing Soda is a key ingredient as a water softener in some commercial washing detergents. Hard water is water with high levels of minerals. Those minerals limit the sudsing/soaping of detergents. Washing Soda both cleans and softens water, allowing the soap to clean effectively.
  • Bicarb Soda – Good old Bicarb Soda, also known as Sodium Bicarbonate is a wonderfully effective cleaner used for generations by generations, as an all-purpose cleaner for all sorts of cleaning projects. Very effective in the wash, our Bicarb is of Natural origin, sourced from the USA.
  • Borax – A natural product derived from Turkey. Borax is often understated in its application and effectiveness. It softens water, cleans and is a natural deodorant, but its other claim to fame is its effectiveness as an anti-fungal, anti-yeast, anti-mould, and its ability to neutralise fluoride in tap water.

Using a Top Loader

For Top Loaders our general recommendations are to add 1 – 2 scoops of laundry blend into a jar or bucket with very hot water and shake/stir to dissolve – then as the machine is filling with water add it to the wash. The hot water releases oxygen from the sodium percarbonate into the blend/wash. Can wash on any temperature but for best results wash on warm – warm/hot cycle.

Using a Front Loader

We ran a survey requesting feedback from the Blants Community on using Blants Laundry Blend in a front loader washing machine. We are very grateful so many engaged and shared the innovative ways they use Laundry Blend in their front loaders.

There were two methods that our community used more than others with both being very simple and hassle-free.

The most popular method is to add a scoop of Laundry Blend to the draw and wash in warm water. Well, that’s very simple isn’t it 🙂

The other is to first dissolve Laundry Blend in a bucket of hot water, add to draw and wash in cold water. Again, very simple 🙂

Whichever method you choose, you will get outstanding results. For the cleanest of cleans use hot water as hot water releases more oxygen into the wash.

*Blants Laundry Blend is low-sudsing so should be suited to most front loaders, but maybe not all. We recommend, trial wash at first by using only a half scoop to assess its suitability to your machine. If okay, increase to full scoop.

Tip: if you would like to wash in warm/hot water but are concerned you may use too much water from your hot water tank, not leaving enough for showers and baths, wash late at night or set your machine timer to wash late at night. The tank will re-heat in the off-peak times of the early hours whilst you are sleeping.

The amount of Laundry Blend needed per wash will vary from wash to wash depending on the machine size, the wash level, and level of soiling on clothes but in general, one scoop is sufficient.

*Laundry Blend may cause colour-fast materials to run or fade. Be sure to pre-test the suitability of Laundry Blend to your application before use. Blants do not accept responsibility if the garment colour appears to fade after washed.

Buy natural Laundry Blend online in 800g, 4kg, 9kg, and bulk 17kg – Australia wide delivery or pick-up from our Sydney Kingsgrove warehouse.



Laundry Blend Reviews

Helpful customer reviews and ratings to assist you with deciding on a product:

  1. cefinlay (verified owner)

    Laundry Blend ticks all the necessary boxes. Preservative free; unscented; natural; doesn't irritate the skin; affordable; doesn't clump; easily obtainable with affordable shipping; available in bulk sizes to minimise packaging; transparent labelling; dissolves easily and doesn't leave white marks; removes dirt and leaves clothing smelling fresh and clean. It also works well on white and coloured clothing. Love it!
  2. Aurora Perez (verified owner)

    One of the best laundry products I have used. I use it in a top loader and in my current home my top loader is connected to cold water only. I make a bucket with hot water and place a lid full of this product and stir it in really well and then add to the washing machine. It still suds up even with the addition of the cold water in the agitator. Leaves items very clean and removes stains effectively. Thank you for making such an amazing product that is non toxic and septic safe.
  3. Stelianos (verified owner)

    Bought the small size to try and was absolutely amazed with the results. My son works in a kitchen and clothes always smell horribly with food. Regular detergents just masked the smell this product definitely left the clothing smelling clean with not masking. I have found my new laundry detergent. Even cleans white with no added bleach. Highly recommend.
  1. Julie-anne Adams (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this laundry blend. It has lasted for months. Plus, I have a new washing machine and have only used this product in it. It has kept my machine so clean inside, no blockages or dirt rings. Also, by only using this product with no softners etc, it has over time deodorised my sons heavy use work clothes. No other product has ever done that before. I love this blend, won't use anything else now 🙂 Julie-anne
  2. nlcarter (verified owner)

    I have bought this a number of times. I love that it does such a good job and is made of natural products that won't affect my sensitive skin!
  3. Caryn (verified owner)

    Love it. Has saved me a fortune on another product I used to use.
  4. ingebranson (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing your epsom salt for many years and recently bought the Laundry Blend for the first time. I am totally amazed at how well this product works, all my whites seem so much brighter and it cleans all boy clothes very well. No more chemical filled commercial powders for me! A happy customer.
  5. melpurplestar (verified owner)

    First time I have tried this & I love it ? easy to use ; works so well I am amazed and my washing smells so fresh ; definitely a winner
  1. christina_martignago (verified owner)

    Leaves clothes smelling fresh without the synthetic scents. Very economical compared to even on-sale enviro friendly supermarket brands. Easy to use. I’m waiting til my 2x 9 kg buckets are low so I can save even more on my next purchase (refill bag). I have recommended this company and this product specifically to family and friends interested in making changes towards a low toxicity lifestyle.
  2. Elizabeth Ellis (verified owner)

    This is a great product; I recommend it and would buy again. My laundry grey water flows into my garden so I wanted something thay didn't use chemicals - enter Blants Laundry Blend! At first I wasn't impressed because I just added the powder straight into a cold wash cycle. Then I actually read the instructions; now that I am dissolving the powder before adding to the wash, it's perfect. Washes well (even boys clothes), and no allergies or reactions. Thank you!
  3. Deb C (verified owner)

    I just wanted to THANK you for the Laundry Blend. I know you know it is wonderful stuff and other reviews think likewise. This powder genuinely cleans, softens, whitens and does it gently too with fab' economy and enviromental care. Also, I have an old, old top-loader and by now it would normally be a smelly machine unless specifically cleaned. But with Blants Laundry Blend, it is in fabulous fresh condition. Back when I finished my first 2 & 1/2 buckets and knew this was a winner for me and had fully developed my powder mixing routine, I treated myself and my laundry bench to a lovely large enamel jug plus designated wooden spoon for mixing my washing powder solution in hot water while I sort the clothes, load and fill the machine. Easy-peasy.
  4. phuong.meester (verified owner)

    Wow, wow is all I have to say. My clothes feel so much cleaner than the washing liquid I have been using. So glad that I have been able to find a natural alternative that environmental friendly.
  1. mtairi (verified owner)

    Excellent laundry powder, I have been using this brand for over 5 years once I learned what damage the supermarket powders cause to your nervous system. I have sensitive skin and have no issues with this product. I have recommended this beautiful company to many friends and am truly grateful I found it 🙏
  2. melpurplestar (verified owner)

    I have used this laundry blend for years now : with a family of 5 it’s economical because I do a LOT of washing plus it cleans and has no fragrance ; perfect for my asthmatic and eczema prone kids perfect 🤩
  3. Divine Gemz (verified owner)

    Been Purchasing this laundry blend for a number of years now, I used to make Laundry powder myself this contains all the same ingredients and I don't have to spend all the time making it. Just a beautiful laundry powder that's kind to us and our environment
  4. Cindy Holyoak (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. After using supermarket brands and products made by other people for scented laundry powder, I will not purchase anything else. I have children with severe eczema and this product is perfect for sensitive skin. So glad I stumbled across this product. Thankyou
  5. danielle_nb (verified owner)

    I’m Pretty happy with the laundry blend, I love buying laundry powder in bulk so I don’t need to worry about it for a couple of months. I’ve been buying another Well known natural brand for years and was hesitant to try something new and I’m glad I did I’m saving some coin my clothes are softer with this blend and still chemical free. I gave it a four because you have to mix in with water before adding but quite happy to this for chemical free and softer clothes


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