Organic Bentonite Clay

Organic Bentonite Clay Australia, food grade and for face and body scrubs.
Organic Bentonite Clay

This Sodium Bentonite Clay is formed from volcanic ash that has been trapped for eons in sea beds in Australia, and is finely milled to 45 microns. When mixed with water it blends to a silky smooth texture, soft to the touch. The clay is harvested, dried, milled and packaged with absolutely no chemicals used. Compliant to Food Standards Australia & NZ. It is not tested on animals, is suitable for vegans, and is allergen free. No added colourings, fragrances or flow agents.

Bentonite Clay History, Benefits & Uses

Bentonite Clay, also known as Montmorillonite, is known to have an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. Researchers report that several traditional cultures living in regions of the Andes, Central Africa, and here in Australia have used Bentonite Clay for centuries. Many animals will instinctively turn to eating dirt and clay to help remove poisons from their systems, or during times of illness or distress.

Bentonite Clay is negatively charged attracting and binding toxins. It swells like a highly porous sponge when mixed with water. Toxins are drawn into the sponge through electrical attraction, and once there, they are bound. Free radicals are the other culprit when it comes to skin damage. Free radicals can damage the skin by trying to grab an extra electron from atoms in the skin. When atoms are taken away from molecules in the skin, it causes damage to our skin’s DNA that can speed along skin ageing. This is called the “free radical theory of ageing”. Can we somehow intervene and halt the cascade of free radicals?
Enter Bentonite Clay! Bentonite is negatively charged, and so provides the electrons the free radicals seek for stability. Free radicals no longer roam free causing molecular and cellular damage.

How to use Bentonite Clay

There are several ways you can reap the benefits of adding clay to your day. Here are just some of them:

  • Skin Conditions & Face Mask
    Blend 1 part Bentonite to 2 parts water, and apply to the skin as a clay pack. Bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin and within pores are drawn out and bound to the clay. Keep the pack on for about 20 minutes before removing with warm water. For facials, apply a clay mask once or twice per week for best results. This helps to prevent adverse skin conditions.
  • Skin Poultice for Bites/Burns/Cuts/Stings
    Blend Bentonite Clay with water to a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 and apply to the affected area, covering with a bandage or gauze, leaving it to draw toxins and help heal the skin. Change every 2-3hrs.
  • A Clay Bath
    Add 1-4 cups to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes for a refreshing topical body therapy that softens the skin and clears pores, as the clay binds to skin toxins and free radicals. You can either sprinkle the clay on the water and mix as you go, or pre-mix in a bowl and add this thick liquid to your bath.
  • Foot Soaks are great too if you don’t have a bath – Use ½ cup of Bentonite Clay in a foot soak.
  • Full Body Mud Pack
    You will need a dedicated space for this as it can be rather messy. In a large bowl blend Bentonite Clay and water to a consistency of mud and apply all over body. After 15-20 minutes the clay can be washed off, leaving you feeling revitalised, refreshed, and silky soft. Replenish by drinking ample pure water afterwards.
  • Use as Talc Powder
    Bentonite Clay is a wonderful, natural and safe alternative to talc and baby powder.
  • Healthy Teeth & Gums
    Use Bentonite Clay as a tooth cleaning powder or to make your own toothpaste. You can also mix it with water and use it as mouthwash that will bind the toxins and bacteria from your teeth, gums and tongue.

Approved Ingredient by Australian Certified Organic for manufacturing Organic and Bio-Dynamic certified products.

Please check it out on the ACO website by browsing the above link. When you land on the page, select suppliers in alphabetical order and you will see all the Blants listings.


– With any of these methods, do not use metal utensils or storage as this could reduce its potency.
– It is best to sprinkle the clay onto liquid, rather than pour liquid onto clay. It will hydrate more evenly.

Buy Bentonite Clay online in 800g, 4kg, 9kg, 20kg Australia wide delivery or pick up from our Sydney Kingsgrove warehouse.

Bulk and wholesale Bentonite Clay for business owners also available, please contact us.


Please note: The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not a claim for a cure, treatment or prevention of any disease or condition. It is advisable to consult with a professional health care provider for your personal health needs.



Bentonite Clay Reviews

Helpful customer reviews and ratings to assist you with deciding on a product:

  1. jacqsaro (verified owner)

    Blants Bentonite Clay is a serious game changer!!! This stuff has almost healed my psoriasis/eczema, my skin is clear, my teeth are whiter and feel so clean, my bowels are working better and I've only been using this for two weeks..! I have nothing but great things to say about this product and I highly recommend adding this to you're daily routine! I am now a Blants forever customer x
  2. Samantha Mitchell (verified owner)

    This is an awsome product, I and my daughter and her 3 little ones use it for detoxing baths especially if any of us are not well and we also drink it in juice or smoothies, I highly recommend it, in favct I bougyt a 9kg bucket.
  3. janelle_sultan (verified owner)

    I've been using bentonite clay as an ingredient in my homemade all natural toothpaste. Wow, my teeth have never felt this clean ever. My only regret is I should've got onto it sooner!
  4. sapeillon (verified owner)

    I cannot thank you for your quick after Christmas delivery, very quick..thank you..I couldn't help myself I made a face mask and I not sure I will be needing expensive, unknown product ever again. It was amazing and my skin after first mask felt incredible. So glad I found you. I will be purchasing products for my sons and granddaughter now. Incredible, congrats Aussie products, small business is my favourite, you are my new favourite. Thank you all. Sue
  5. slangberg (verified owner)

    I love this product , I’ve been researching so much about regarding detoxing , general health -a winner , letting all my family and friends know too !!:)
  6. hpsense (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Using it for detoxing. Mouth rinse / gargle and ingesting it.
  7. Angela Mort (verified owner)

    Great detoxifying product for bathing.
  8. man.da.62 (verified owner)

    I love this product. Skin is left so soft after using it.
  9. Sharina (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. Put it in the bath and felt re energised and had the best sleep. Skin felt softer and looked healthier. Amazing product love love love it ..
  10. littlehandsorganics (verified owner)

    This product is amazing, leaves your skin so soft.
  1. Brianna Lewis (verified owner)

    Love it so much! We use this weekly for a detox bath for my kids and I. I also use it as a dry shampoo aswell! So amazing!
  2. Roberto (verified owner)

    We make our own toothpaste with this, amazing product.
  3. deborah salvatico (verified owner)

    Love this product. I use it for a DIY mud mask and my son loves it in his baths. Definitely a must.
  1. earthslings (verified owner)

    We've been using this lovely clay for Indigenous ceremonies (where we can't source our own from the ground). I also use it in my arm pits for the purpose of detoxing. My teenager will make a paste to put on the occasional pimple.
  2. coolrock200 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the bentonite clay. I love to relax in the bath twice week and it makes my skin soft
  3. Acalia Ryan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the organic bentonite clay. I love to relax in a bath of it and enjoy how noticeably soft my skin is afterwards.
  1. maria_pereira7 (verified owner)

    I love this Bentonite clay mixed in with the Magnesium flakes to detoxify the tap water and I also add Bicarbonate of soda and Lavender oil.


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