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Welcome to BLANTs Australia for bulk wholesale salts AND retail salts where you can buy Epsom Salt also known as Magnesium Sulphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Dead Sea Salt, and many other Natural or Organic Products Online ranging from 800g up to 25kg at affordable prices, for personal use & for business owners. We guarantee you won't be disappointed! We truly are different. We have a passion to supply premium quality products, and are 'The Pioneers of bulk salts' ! We are driven to undertake a colossal amount of research on product origin, production, suppliers, supply chains, grades, spec sheets and analysis in order to supply top quality natural & alternative remedies that benefit the whole family at THE best prices, for health, wellbeing & lifestyle. 

We don’t just rely on our suppliers’ product analysis alone but undertake our own analysis in an approved Australian lab to ensure compliance.

We are constantly scouring the globe searching for the best available, endeavouring to source, where possible, ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’ at the best price! Many of our products are Natural, and our Bicarb Soda is even Organic.

We import full container loads and avoid middle-man mark-ups! We pass those saving onto you! We are big enough to import directly from all over the world and small enough to offer excellent 'good old fashioned' service with integrity.

We feel favoured, blessed and positioned to do what we do! We are genuinely interested in your wellbeing and thrilled when we receive positive feedback of how our products have changed lives!

Epsom Salt

Buy Epsom Salts online in just one 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, or buy pallets of bulk Magnesium Sulphate at wholesale prices

Natural Epsom Salt from Germany, or Epsom Salt Gold Label relieves aches & pain, helps detox the body, maintains a healthy intestinal tract, assists with Autism, and improves overall health. Magnesium deficiency is common & Transdermal Therapy (via the skin) is a highly effective way of absorbing essential minerals like Magnesium & Sulfates for Health Benefits. Our bath Salt Soaks are ideal for use at Home or in your Health Industry, for Beauty & Skin Care, and Spa. For Float Tanks & Float Pod owners rest assured we are suppliers in Australia of Premium quality Epsom Salts THE best Magnesium (Mg) at wholesale prices for your bulk buy. Also use Epsom Salts for flowers & plants, fruit & vegetable gardens or horticulture and watch them thrive when the depleted soil is replenished with nutrients.
Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Buy Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes online in just one 800g, 4.5kg, 10kg, 20kg or buy pallets of bulk Magnesium Chloride at wholesale prices

Our Magnesium Chloride is harvested from the Dead Sea, the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world, by utilizing natural solar energy & is a quality high grade flake that provides essential minerals to your body, skin & cells. It safely increases Magnesium levels whilst the Chlorides assist with Electrolytes & Digestion. Trandermal absorption is best & unlike oral supplements nothing is lost in the digestive tract. Use Magnesium Chloride Flakes (MgC12) in bath soaks, salt scrubs, foot soaks, combine with essential oils for aromatherapy, or add to a DIY recipe. Magnesium Chloride Flakes vs Epsom Salts is a common question & both are Equally important as each one plays a different important role within the body, we explain the difference. Or buy Magnesium Oil Spray in either a handy travel size 125ml or 250ml bottle, and bulk Magnesium Oil in 5 litres & 20 litres is also available for business owners. No additives, just Pure Concentrated Magnesium Oil that rapidly works to relieve pain in muscles & joints, and increase magnesium levels.
Organic Sodium Bicarbonate-Baking Soda

Buy Organic Natural Sodium Bicarbonate online in just one 1kg, 5kg, 11kg, 20kg, or buy pallets of bulk Sodium Bicarbonate at wholesale prices

Suppliers of Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as Baking Soda or Bicarb of Soda & ours is THE best you can buy in Australia. Made in the USA our USP & Food Grade Bicarb is a safe, versatile, environmentally friendly all-round household product. Use Organic Bicarb internally as a body alkaliser & PH levels, or in a bath soak, or for natural skin treatments, mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant, cook or wash & clean with Bicarb, even rids pet odours, and can be applied to many other formulas & natural recipes - Bicarb has multitude uses & our Sodium Bicarb is an Approved Ingredient for food formulations, and is 100% Natural, Allergen free, Non GMO, Fumigation free, Gluten, Nut & Dairy free, No fillers, No flow agents, Not tested on animals, No added colours or fragrance, and suitable for vegans. Yep, our chemical free Organic Bicarb ticks all the boxes for a healthy home, a healthy body, family & planet.
Dead Sea Salt-Mineral Bath Salt

Buy Dead Sea Salt online in just one 900g, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, or buy pallets of bulk Dead Sea Salt at wholesale prices

The Dead Sea has been renowned for generations for its therapeutic benefits, and is reputed for the relief of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, eczema & other skin conditions simply be soaking in the Mineral Rich Dead Sea Salt saturated in magnesium, potassium & calcium chlorides, and trace elements. Relax & re-mineralize in a bath salt soak with our Genuine Pure Dead Sea Salt right here in Australia, or use it in lotions, serums, salt scrubs, or as an ingredient in other forumulas.

Buy Himalayan Pink Salts, buy Organic Bentonite Clay, buy Pure Borax, buy Washing Soda, buy Ground Coconut Soap, buy Two Salts, buy OptiMSM-Pure Organic Sulfur in tubs, buckets & bags in just one 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg or bulk. BLANTS is the 'one-stop' Shop Online for Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Natural Products, retail & wholesale, and are trusted Australian Suppliers for Home / Health Industry / Beauty & Skin Care / and Spa / where you can buy Food Grade & Bath Grade Salts, and Eco Freindly natural products.

Our products are in Food Grade Packaging, and our tubs & buckets are so easy to open & reseal, and some with a flip/lok lid, and our 20kg bags have a slider seal for easy use & store.

Our Products are door delivered to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth with delivery discounts for multiple items, and to many areas the 2nd, 3rd or 4th item is free delivery to your door (depending on size), how good is that ! Or collect from our Sydney warehouse (with prior arrangements) if you're close by, and save on delivery fees. We also give you the option of having your order delivered to a courier Depot Location near you, for your collection, which further reduces delivery costs.

Delivery Australia wide

Delivery to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

Simply type in your Suburb, State, Postcode, after adding products to cart, and our system will generate between 2 to 4 delivery quotes to choose from.

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We are based in Sydney and deliver to anywhere in Australia & other countries. and have Distributors in NZ that deliver all over New Zealand. For NZ residents visit - or their Shop Online.

You can rest assured our products are of premium quality. Inferior grades are not required to meet the high standards that BLANTs do, and may be processed using cheap chemicals resulting in a possible toxic product. Whatever the use, why risk toxicity with a potentially contaminated product, when a high quality product that is Independently Analyzed in an Australian Lab, is available at no extra expense. Take a tour around our site; we look forward to doing business with you! 


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