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Natural Washing Soda

Blants Natural Washing Soda

Washing Soda, also known as Sodium Carbonate, is a key component of laundry soaps and other household cleaning products. It easily removes dirt and tough greasy stains from clothes, utensils, floors and other surfaces.

Many brands of Washing Soda in Australia are man-made from a combination of salt, ammonia and limestone. Blants brings you a Washing Soda that is all natural – simply harvested, filtered and refined. A premium Sodium Carbonate with no added ingredients from the USA.

Why use Blants Washing Soda?

It’s natural, safe and effective, with a multitude of uses.

It’s friendly to your health and the environment.

There are no chemical fragrances, colourants or flow agents, and is not tested on animals.

Approved Ingredient by Australian Certified Organic for manufacturing Organic and Bio-Dynamic certified products.

Please check it out on the ACO website by browsing the above link. When you land on the page, select suppliers in alphabetical order and you will see all the Blants listings.

How to use Washing Soda (just some of the ways)

  • Swap half your usual laundry powder for Washing Soda – you’ll get a cleaner, softer wash as it softens the water, allowing the detergent to work better.
  • Strong Washing Soda solution is great for removing burnt-on grease from pans and dishes.
  • Use a strong, hot solution to clean surfaces like floor tiles, patios and paths, painted areas and woodwork, stonework and decks.
  • Great for cleaning chopping boards, mops and dishcloths.
  • Plastic or cane garden furniture comes up as good as new using a strong Washing Soda solution.
  • A mild solution leaves windows, mirrors and tiles sparkling.
  • It cuts through soap scum and lime scale in the bath, basin and shower.
  • It freshens up the toilet, tiles and grouting.
  • It acts as a fungicide that can kill mould and mildew in damp areas of the house.
  • In the garden you can use it to target green fly, mildew and black spot.

NB – Safety and Handling

Although this is a natural product, you need to use it correctly as it has very high alkalinity and can be an irritant to sensitive skin. So please –

  • Wear rubber gloves when using it if you have sensitive skin
  • Consider wearing glasses to protect your eyes
  • Do not inhale or consume this product

Don’t use Washing Soda on aluminium, fibreglass or polished/waxed/varnished surfaces as it reacts with these.

Buy Washing Soda online in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg Australia wide delivery to your door or pick up from our Sydney Kingsgrove warehouse.

Bulk and wholesale Washing Soda for business owners is also available, please contact us.

Source: USA



Washing Soda Reviews

Helpful customer reviews and ratings to assist you with deciding on a product:

  1. Taylah (verified owner)

    I use washing soda as part of my DIY laundry powder and I could not go without it! Buying in bulk is also extremely convenient and cost effective. Thank you so much!
  2. rachelkelly_ (verified owner)

    After making the switch to green cleaning - laundry powder was one of my first low tox swaps I made. Washing soda is a natural, safe and effective product with loads of uses. I was previously buying a 1kg bag from the Supermarket, so to be able to buy Blants washing soda in bulk is a game changer. It comes in a 10kg bucket with a flip lock lid for easy open & seal. Really happy with Blants products and service! 🙂
  1. rachelkelly_ (verified owner)

    These 20kg bags are the perfect refill for bulk items. I had already purchased a 10kg bucket of Washing Soda from Blants & have kept the bucket it came in- so to be able to buy the 20kg's bags and save on plastic & postage is amazing! Blants are fantastic when it comes to sales - offering them throughout the year - and now just before Christmas. The perfect time to save and stock up! 🙂


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