Role of Magnesium In Mental Wellbeing

The Vital Role Of Magnesium In Mental Wellbeing

Upgrade Your Inner Peace – Part 1

The Vital Role of Magnesium in Mental Wellbeing and your inner peace

Well 2020 has been a ride hasn’t it?! A bit like a roller coaster, we have gone through highs, lows and at times been left hanging upside down!!! The good news is that the ride will eventually end and we will all walk off the platform a little more thankful for our “normal” lives. For now, let’s hang on tight to our inner peace so we can laugh-out-loud and be there to comfort & support those sitting next to us on the ride. To help, we at Blants would love to introduce (or reintroduce) you to an ancient peace-keeper, our dear friend magnesium!

Inner peace and life roller coaster

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in regulating 325 biochemical reactions in the body, including stabilising mood and keeping the brain calm, to name just a couple! In fact, did you know that almost every organ in the body is affected when magnesium levels are depleted?! The upside is that magnesium repletion is highly likely to improve your health and wellbeing in multiple areas at once – mind and body upgrade, yes please!!!

Calm balanced switched-on brain

Science is catching up to what many of us have experienced and Psychiatrists have dubbed magnesium the “mind mineral” due to its’ ability to calm and maintain serenity. Studies show a strong correlation between deficiency and the sense of ‘feeling down’ and depressed, stating that daily supplements can flip those feelings to positive ones where a person feels optimitistic, cheerful, happy, satisfied and blessed. In fact, healthy levels of magnesium have been linked to increased serotonin production and couldn’t we all do with more of those happy hormones for the ride! Global mental health experts agree, magnesium is essential for maintaining a balanced, calm and switched-on brain and increasing your intake is a natural, effective and affordable way to boost your mental health and wellbeing.

Magnesium deficiency is believed to now be a global public health crisis due to the degradation of soil quality, water quality and the move to a more processed diet. Beside the effects on mental health, magnesium deficiency can cause muscle pain or cramping, fatigue and a host of chronic diseases. Unfortunately stress, alcohol, medication and coffee compound things by depleting the body of magnesium and inhibiting its’ absorption. We can’t change the past but we can move forward intentionally and if any of this rings true we are here to tell you there is hope, repletion is achievable!!!

Supplementing your magnesium levels transdermally (through the skin) is an incredibly effective and safe way to absorb magnesium. Regularly bathing in Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom salts) are excellent ways to achieve this. In fact, a soak in magnesium infused bath salts is the trifecta of self-care as it restores the body, calms the mind and soothes the soul! Liberally spraying Magnesium Oil over the body is another very effective way to boost your magnesium levels. Both our Natural Epsom salt and our Tibetan Magnesium Chloride are Food grade and so can be taken orally. While generally considered safe, it is always wise to consult your medical professional if you have a medical condition.

Restores body calms mind and soothes the soul

Our hope here at Blants is that you will feel more empowered to laugh and love your way through wherever this wild ride takes you thanks to an upgrade from the hard working peace-keeper, magnesium. Stayed tuned for more good news in Part 2!

Please note – Blants are not Medical or Psychological professionals and this article is not medical advice. Please reach out to your provider for health care advice and if you are experiencing hard times in your mental health click here for a number of organisations that are trained and willing to help.


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