Toilet Cleaning Fizzers

Toilet Cleaning Fizzers!

These do look very similar to bath bombs, but they are for use in a slightly smaller body of water – your toilet!

DIY toilet cleaning fizzers recipe

I’ve never liked the strong, fake, chemical smells of store-bought toilet cleaners and, to be honest, I thought a scrub with the toilet brush was enough to keep it clean. But living with 3 males has made me appreciate a sweeter-smelling loo!

These toilet fizzers are ideal because they are made from natural ingredients, – bicarb is a great general-purpose cleaner and a deodoriser, and the citric acid is great for disinfecting and removing hard water stains. And they are fun to use, so the boys don’t mind toilet-cleaning duty (not as much anyway!).

They’re also fun to make. Here’s how:

What you need

  • Mixing bowl
  • Spray water bottle
  • Ice cube trays (silicone ones are great)
  • Kitchen gloves

DIY toilet cleaning fizzers DIY toilet cleaning fizzers

What to do

  1. Mix the bicarb and citric acid in a bowl, then mist with a little water (not too much – you don’t want it to start fizzing yet), continuing to mix.
  2. Add the essential oil and continue mixing. You’re aiming for a damp sand texture.
  3. Press the mixture into your moulds. The amount this makes will depend on the size of your moulds. It’s best to wear gloves if you are pressing the mix in by hand.
  4. Let them dry overnight. Once you release them from the moulds you might need to leave the undersides out to dry for a while longer.
  5. Store in an airtight container, out of reach of small children.

DIY toilet cleaning fizzers

Every few days, or when the toilet is particularly whiffy, plop a fizzer into your toilet bowl and let it do its bubbly magic. If your fizzers are small you might need to use a couple. Use your toilet brush for a final flourish, then flush.

Admire your clean toilet, and keep your fingers crossed it stays that way for a while!


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