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  • Natural Epsom Salt – Food Grade – 20kg


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    Natural Epsom Salt – Food Grade – 20kg

    Natural Epsom Salt - food grade
    Natural Epsom Salt – food grade

    Buy Natural Epsom Salt Food Grade FCC in Australia online. A truly quality product sourced from Germany where it is skillfully extracted from a natural deposit to bring you Pure Magnesium Salts for internal & external use.

    Ideal for home use in bath salts and foot spas for health and wellbeing, float pods and tanks, beauty and spa industry, for gardening and more.

    Our 20kg bulk bag is extremely economical and has a slider for easy open and re-seal.

    Bulk Epsom Salts wholesale for business owners is also available in 1kg – 25kg bags, or pallets of Magnesium Salts – please contact us.

    Read more about our Natural Epsom Salts

    15 reviews for Natural Epsom Salt – Food Grade – 20kg

    1. Sandra (verified owner)

      High quality and the kids love it in the bath. Me too.

    2. SHARON KERZ (verified owner)

      Always awesome quality – second to none.

    3. Sally (verified owner)

      I am 57 and I am a yoga every damn day fanatic now and trying to give myself the best health for older age .. I am putting two cups of each salt in a bath every night now and I’m scared to stop because every night means I can get out of bed in the morning without stiffness and ache .. so thank you again the salts are working wonders.

    4. fe.mcneil (verified owner)

      I love these salts, a few cups in my bath, the kids baths- helps my back and the kids muscles after sports, they sleep better.. ?

    5. juliezzz3 (verified owner)

      Excellent product use these salts almost every night really improves sleep all my adult kids use them as well. Great service from Blants, superfast delivery and cost effective to purchase this size. Also use them on my tomato and gardenia plants they love them as well:).

    6. thesarahdivine (verified owner)

      I have used the Food Grade Natural Epsom Salt from Blants for several years now. I find it indispensable in the bath tub for helping me to recover from demanding bouts of exercise, or just for promoting bodily relaxation. I do notice a difference if I go without it!

    7. whiteonwhite (verified owner)

      I discovered Blants some years ago and I have been buying a number of things from their product range ever since. I love this food grade (Magnesium) Epsom Salts, it is my favourite. I try to have a soaking bath for an hour at least once a week and I find it helps with sleep, muscle relaxation and a general feeling of wellbeing. This is great value and a premium product.

    8. snezatn (verified owner)

      I have been using this product for about ten years now, usually in combination with other salts in my bath soaks. This helps me forget about my busy day, relax & detox and sleep “like a baby” after a soak. It is a consistently great value for money. A product I simply can’t live without. Thank you Blants for bringing this product to us.

    9. Helena Gibson (verified owner)

      Makes all the difference to getting a good nights sleep!

    10. rowenabucklow (verified owner)

      I’ve been using these Blants Epsom Salts since 2016. I’m a huge bath lover and these salts enhance my bathing experience – they help me to relax and ease stiff and aching muscles 🙂 Blants are consistent with the quality of their salt and I also really like the option to buy larger bags to be more economical and have them delivered to my door. Thank you Blants 🙂

    11. j.ksymonds (verified owner)

      I have been a customer for years now and I am always incredibly impressed with your service on the phone and with the brilliant dispatch and delivery times. Blants products are second to none as is the service. I am so grateful to have stumbled across your website years ago as I can now get what I need in bulk at an affordable price and the speediest delivery time.
      Thank you all so very much.

    12. Acalia Ryan (verified owner)

      I love to refill my 10kg buckets with this value size because the buckets store so easily. I love knowing I have so many relaxing baths on hand.

    13. coolrock200 (verified owner)

      I love the Epson salt.i love to relax in the bath after a big day

    14. Vanessa Thomson (verified owner)

      Epsom Salts are a necessity in our home and I only buy mine from Blant’s. Fantastic product, economical option and speedy delivery.

    15. Barbara (verified owner)

      I have been using Blants food grade Epsom Salts for over 10 years and thoroughly appreciate the quality of these salts. I use in my bath at least 3 times a week and feel it helps with my arthritis and relaxes my body for a good nights sleep. Thank you Blants for the quality of your products.

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