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Was one of your new year resolutions to get healthy and exercise more? How’s that working for you, are you on track? Maybe your exercising awakened pain receptors which have caused you to slow or even stop exercising? What if there was a remedy for that pain and you could get back on track? We would love to share with you the benefits of MSM and how it can help combat exercise related pain and stress so that your exercise resolutions can become your routine.

MSM stands for Methyl-sulfonyl-methane, a pure organic Sulfur. MSM is a natural compound that your body needs to maintain good health and can be found in plants, vegetables, meat and dairy. Unfortunately, modern cooking processes often destroy the naturally occurring sulfur before it even hits our mouth! As sulfur plays such a leading role in many of the body’s processes, there are many benefits to supplementing your intake with high quality MSM. While on the subject of high quality, did you know that OptiMSM, the brand that Blants import from the USA, has a 4 stage distillation process and is touted by healthcare professionals as the purest MSM on the market!

Some of the documented health benefits of MSM are:

  • Improve Range of Motion and Physical Function
  • Reduction of Muscle Soreness Associated with Exercise
  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility
  • A pick-me-up, re-energiser
  • A body tonic when feeling run-down and depleted
  • Reduction of Oxidative Stress
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Skin Quality and Texture

Fitness Goals with MSM

So how exactly does MSM help you keep your NY’s exercise goals? Well, firstly it is not a replacement for determination and hard work, that’s your job! 🙂 MSM can’t show up for you, but does support your physical body in a number of ways so that the best version of you shows up more consistently.

When we feel fatigued and run down, exercise takes a back seat and often momentum is lost. But not really lost, just waiting for some stimuli. MSM stimulates your body’s natural defences, thus boosting the get-up-and-go we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has been described as a body tonic supporting and feeding a labyrinth of body reactions required to feel good, have energy and maintain flexibility and mobility.

Hands up who has endured an exercise or sports related injury? Exercise is vital to maintain good health but can also awaken pain for those with pre-existing issues. MSM improves your range of motion and alleviates stiffness which in turn, increases your ability to exercise. There have been many studies attesting to MSM alleviating pain which previously restricted movement and flexibility. MSM helps to protect, restore and build so that you can get moving and stay moving.

MSM helps with Exercise Pain

Strenuous exercise can damage muscles which in turn increases oxidative stress on the body and release harmful free radicals. Oxidative stress, which contributes to aging, is when free radical activity and antioxidant activity become imbalanced. MSM has been proven in several studies to reduce post exercise pain by reducing the effects of oxidative stress on the body so you recover faster and can keep exercising!

MSM keeps your body protected by enabling the production of glutathione (essential for maintaining healthy cells) and suppressing the production of reactive oxygen species (oxidative stress). MSM can help your body get the most out of your exercise while at the same time protecting you from the damage it can cause.

MSM works hand in hand with Vitamin C, therefore for maximum absorption we suggest taking them together.

MSM a holistic body and soul boost

Blants Wellbeing & Lifestyle are passionate about helping individuals and families come into greater health and wellness. We have had extensive feedback from many customers that MSM has helped them not only for pain, flexibility and mobility but also in so many ways not mentioned in this article – not mentioned because Big Brother have gagged us. We suggest do your own research and be awed at the uses and testimonies of MSM. It’s an amazing product!

We wish you all the best in whatever your health and exercise goals are and hope that MSM can help you not only achieve but sustain them!

MSM Pure Organic Sulphur, Online Australia

As with all our products, we suggested you speak with your preferred health care professionals about its suitability and dosage for your unique situation.


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