Declutter your cleaning cupboard

Is your cleaning cupboard in need of decluttering?

Declutter your cleaning cupboard, safe and natural

Is your cleaning cupboard in need of decluttering? A hilarious irony that many of us may live in is that while we seem to spend a lifetime decluttering clothes, children’s toys and other possessions while our cleaning/laundry cupboards remain completely cluttered! It is time to clear the cleaning cupboards and throw out all of the toxic products that were never going to spark joy and replace them with natural products that have multiple uses. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Queen of multi-purpose cleaning, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda / Bicarb of Soda).

Sodium Bicarbonate natural and safe

Sodium Bicarbonate Uses in Your Kitchen:

  • Have you got pans with those terrible black marks that you just pretend aren’t there anymore? Sprinkle on some sodium bicarbonate, add some water and then boil it up before scrubbing off the residue.
  • Do you avoid cleaning the oven? Can’t stomach those toxic oven cleaning products? Sodium Bicarbonate to the rescue again! Scatter its powder all around the oven and spray with water. Leave it for a few hours and then simply wipe clean! If your oven hasn’t been cleaned in a long time you can add some vinegar to increase the bicarb fizz and removes stubborn grime.
  • Want a microwave cleaning hack? Place a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate into a bowl of hot water and microwave for five minutes. The sides will be much faster and easier to clean.
  • Want to keep your fridge smelling fresh? Leave a small container of sodium bicarbonate at the back of a shelf to absorb smells. You can also do this in the microwave when it’s not in use.
  • Stinky garbage bins? Sprinkle some sodium bicarbonate in the bottom of the bin with some lemon juice or essential oil, add hot water and wash. Once dry you can dust the inside of the bin with a small amount of sodium bicarbonate to help prevent unwanted odours while it’s in use.
  • Dirty Sink? Place the plug into the sink and add sodium bicarbonate and a dash of vinegar.
  • Trouble finding your forever floor cleaner? Try out this easy solution! Add ½ a cup of sodium bicarbonate and a few drops of your essential oil of choice to a bucket of warm water.

Bakin soda, bicarb, mop for house cleaning

Sodium Bicarbonate Uses in Your Bathroom:

  • Want a mouthwash that is natural and works? Add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate into a glass of water. This will actually neutralise bad odours rather than just disguise them.
  • Do you want one cleaner that does every surface? Grab a damp cloth, add some sodium bicarbonate and clean away! Just remember to rinse and wipe afterwards.
  • Can’t find a toilet cleaner that works that isn’t toxic? Throw a cup of bicarb into the bowl and then add a cup of vinegar. There will be an exciting science experiment volcano to behold in your toilet for a short while! When the show is over simply scrub with a brush and flush.
  • Need to relax after all that cleaning? That’s right – it’s bath soak time! Place ½ a cup of sodium bicarbonate to your bath water and enjoy! It will clean and soften your skin and ease your muscles.

Sodium Bicarbonate in Your Laundry and Beyond:

  • Need a natural solution for your washing? Try our Laundry Blend or a ¼ cup of sodium bicarbonate for a fresher and brighter wash.
  • Stinky sports shoes? Sprinkle sodium bicarbonate into the shoes, leave overnight and empty out the next day.
  • Need to freshen up the carpets? Give the carpets a good dusting of sodium bicarbonate and let it sit for a few hours, overnight is even better, then vacuum the floor and you are done! If you would like a particular fragrance then you can add some essential oil to the sodium bicarbonate.

There are many more uses for sodium bicarbonate but these are a few to get you started! The bonus with using this natural product is that not only is it highly versatile, it’s extremely environmentally friendly!

Eco friendly, natural cleaners, bicarb, baking soda

If we have got you excited about natural cleaning products, or at least interested, check out these other great products available Washing Soda, pure Borax, Laundry Blend, Coconut Soap and Citric Acid.


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