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Message re Covid-19 and Stock

Who would have thought this would be our 2020 – In the current times, it’s important to communicate, be alert but not anxious! Blants take this opportunity to bless you with health, peace and wellbeing.

Be assured we have ample stock; we are open for business as usual and although we are experiencing a surge in orders we are keeping up with demand.

The health of our team and the purity of our products is our highest priority.  We assure you that the highest standards of health and safety have been implemented.  We are following all the government guidelines and more so.

Measures we have put in place

  1. Blants usually have  2 – 4 team members on the floor per day, divided between two warehouses so never crowded. In the current conditions the workstations are well separated, well over the recommended 1.5 meters from each other and regularly sanitised.
  2. We have two adjoining warehouses. The second warehouse is usually designated as storage of incoming pallet loads only. We have adapted that warehouse to be used as a packing facility to provide a further separation buffer.
  3. Our team wash their hands regularly and at supervised intervals throughout the day.
  4. When handling products, mask and gloves are worn and products are immediately sealed.
  5. Individual morning tea and lunch breaks are now staggered, taken at different times to prevent contact at these times.
  6. Admins are working from home.

Where possible, rather than phone us, please email with your enquiries as we have experienced a surge in orders, coupled with no admin on site as they are working from home. If you do call it is likely it will go to our answer machine; we will return your call when free to do so.

We will continue to adapt to any changes as they come through.
May you be blessed, fuelled and energised with love, peace and hope – antidotes to fear and anxiety.

Love from
the Team at Blants


The following is a reflection you may wish to read but not directly related to Blants and Covid-19

This virus has the whole world rattled and with good reason. Back in the days of the early church the apostle Paul began many of his letters with greetings of peace and blessings. He was often jailed under shocking conditions as the early church was under enormous persecution, and yet, he had this inner spiritual strength to draw from – to bless others with reassurance and peace whist he was in chains in a darkened grotty jail. Love, peace and hope are antidotes to fear and anxiety. Humans are generally wonderful, caring beings, but even so, at times struggle to muster love, peace and hope towards others when things look personally grim. Paul knew to reflect / meditate on the goodness of God who eagerly releases that same love, peace and hope upon us, that even in the midst of terrible circumstances a warm inner peace and hope can flood our minds and hearts, driving out fear and anxiety. Personal experience is that Gods inner peace and hope can be so intense, so real, that a strange inner joy rises inside, paradoxical to what we should feel in grim circumstances. This then is our fuel, our energy to overcome in difficult circumstances as we now all face. Be blessed with that same love and peace and hope!


  • Christmas Closure Dates

    Fri 11th Dec

    Thu 14th Jan

    Orders placed within these dates will be dispatched on Thu 14th Jan.
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Easter Closure

    Closed on:
    Fri 30th Mar 2018

    Tue 3rd Apr 2018

    No deliveries will be made between the above dates, but you may still purchase if you wish. Any orders made between these dates will be dispatched on Tue 3rd Apr. Thank you!

  • Upcoming Closure

    3rd – 9th Oct

    Orders received during these dates will be shipped on Thu 10th Oct.

    Thu 10th Oct

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