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Two Salts

Buy BLANTs 'Two Salts' (Sodium Bicarbonate & Epsom Salt) and add it to your next bath for a truly delightful bath experience. 'Two Salts' is unique to BLANTs, combining our Natural Epsom Salt and our Food Grade Organic Sodium Bicarbonate so you can rest assured you have chosen a premium quality product. Online in 1kg tub, and 5kg, & 11kg buckets. Wholesale bulk AND retail Australia & New Zealand (NZ) supplier. For wholesale bulk salts contact us.

Epsom Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarb of Soda, or Baking Soda) are the base ingredients in 'bath bombs' that many folk use to relieve tired muscles, unwind, relax, and detox in. A bath soak in BLANTs 'Two Salts' will reward and invigorate your body. Other items such as essential oil and fragrances can be added for further effects.

Sodium Bicarbonate can relieve fatigue and sore muscles, especially common during the summers. It neutralizes lactic acid in the muscles, often prevalent after activity or exercise, especially in hot conditions. Lactic acid is what 'cramps up' many an athlete. Sodium Bicarb is also a natural softener and deodorizer, and therefore softens the skin and helps eliminate body odour. see Sodium Bicarbonate

Epsom Salt detoxifies, calms the nervous system, provides our body with much needed magnesium and sulphates, and is healing to our intestinal tract, in particular leaky gut.  It is very trans-dermal, meaning it is readily absorbed through the skin into our body. see Health Benefits

Soak in a bath of BLANTs 'Two Salts' (Natural Epsom Salt & Sodium Bicarbonate) as often as you can. Three cups dissolved in a bath 3 times per week is a good maintenance protocol. Otherwise, use when your body is crying out for some TLC !

But be careful, its soothing effects may become addictive !

* Not for medical or pharmaceutical use

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Epsom Salts and Sodium Bicarbonate 11kg
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