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Two Salts Reviews

Two Salts - Epsom and Bicarb

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 Two Salts
I never bothered with soaking in a bath until I bought this product. I now enjoy a weekly soak (ok maybe 2) and it does absolutely wonders for soothing my muscles and joints that are inflamed due to having polymyalgia and long hours on my feet at work. I also sleep much better after have a nice hot soak in these salts. I'm also thinking of adding some Himalayan Pink Salt to the mix for the added benefits. Highly recommended!
Name: Toni T

 Two Salts
Wasn’t sure about changing from my epsom salt baths but two salts is even nicer, the water is soft and slippery and it makes mine and my baby’s skin soft and clean without soaps, as well as helping with my chronic back pain and my babys tummy troubles like the epsom salts did.
Name: Belle

 Two Salts
I have been buying Blants 2 salts for many years for my weekly “self care Sunday” baths. I always emerge feeling relaxed, clear minded, my muscles are soothed and it seems to “de-puff” my body. The price is also cheaper than anywhere else!
Name: Aimee

 Two Salts
Everyone loves a refreshing soak in Blants Two Salt blend.  It's great for people that love their sports.  Everyone agrees it leaves your skin soft and revitalises your tired and aching body, leaving you feeling relaxed. 
The whole family loves it...
Name: Rachael L


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