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Two Salts 5kg

Product code: TS5

Buy Sodium Bicarbonate & Epsom Salts Combined -'Two Salts'. Add Blants 'Two Salts' to your next bath for a truly delightful bath experience.
Two Salts are unique to Blants, combining our Natural Epsom Salt and our Organic Natural Sodium Bicarbonate both Food Grade, so you can rest assured you have chosen a quality product.

Our 5kg buckets are ideal for those with limited storage, or for those looking for great value but don’t really need more than 5kg at a time.

Epsom Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate are the salt version of soul mates, really!
Two Salts when added to the bath water or to a Foot soak, relax, sooth, and refresh - unique to the combination of these salts.

A bath soak in Blants Two Salts will reward and invigorate your body. Other items such as essential oil and fragrances can be added.

Australia wide delivery, with delivery discounts for multiple items.

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Price: $34.00

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