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    Epsom Salt - Gold Label
    Epsom Salt – Gold Label

    This is a premium grade, economically priced Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate). It complies with world standard specifications and is the ideal choice for bath salts, spa, cosmetic, livestock and garden use.

    Benefits of an Epsom Salt bath include improved sleep and focus, lowered stress and anxiety, relief from pain, cramps and headaches, improved health and more.

    Buy bulk Epsom Salt online – Australia wide delivery or pick-up from our Sydney Kingsgrove warehouse. Wholesale Epsom Salts available and for pallets or containers of Epsom Salt contact us.

    Read more about our Epsom Salts and Uses

    We also supply a Natural Epsom Salt that is food grade.

    21 reviews for Epsom Salt – Gold Label 20kg

    1. juliezzz3 (verified owner)

      Excellent value, great product we all use in the bath, excellent service and superfast delivery, very satisfied customer

    2. BRETT (verified owner)

      Great quality epsom salts – a cup or two in a hot bath is absolute heaven for sore muscles. 25kg bag is a super economical way to buy!

    3. kramersam94 (verified owner)

      Bought the 25kg bag as I use Epsom Salts all the time in the bath with my eczema. My partner has recently started making bath salts for her small business and has been using this product as the base for her bath salts. Great value! I had a 14kg bucket that I put these in.

    4. knibaldi (verified owner)

      Best value in the country! I’ve been ordering this size bag from Blants for years and every order is smooth, easy, super fast delivery and their regular special discounts are super handy. Great product, great price, great company

    5. juliezzz3 (verified owner)

      Excellent product use these salts almost every night really improves sleep all my adult kids use them as well. Great service from Blants, superfast delivery and cost effective to purchase this size. Also use them on my tomato and gardenia plants they love them as well:).

    6. merrilynhrst (verified owner)

      I have introduced using this product in the bath for many many clients with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinsons, Autism and road accident victims and arthritis sufferers and have seen outstanding results and such an improvement in their general health and well being and a huge reduction in their levels of pain , anxiety and depression, Just wonderful. Will keep buying it so people can try for themselves how much better their quality of life could be. Just Wonderful!!!

    7. LydiaM6 (verified owner)

      I have been using Blants Epsom salts – gold label since 2014, I love this product, great for aches and pains, very relaxing. I highly recommend this product.

    8. rmcgill2 (verified owner)

      Have been using Blants Salts Epsom Gold Label for almost 10 years. My son has autism and leg muscle problems, it is used in his bath every night. Excellent product, it reduces and detoxifies.

    9. bel_shop (verified owner)

      Have been buying Blants Epsom salt gold labels for years. 1-2 cups in the bath is fabulous for detoxing, and aching muscles. Our kids use it too to remove build-up of food intolerances. Super fast delivery & always great customer service.

    10. Divina Stephens (verified owner)

      I’m ordering another bag as this is the bath salt that really works for my skin. I suffer from eczema for so many years and this salt and s not only the cheapest but it’s really helped with my skin conditions. I can now sleep peacefully using a cup of this salt every night on my bath. Absolutely very happy 100% with these salt

    11. tort4212 (verified owner)

      Have been using your Epsom Salt for a decade or so- a fabulous & economical product that affords regular use. For the best de-stress: add 2 cups (to boost magnesium absorption) to a hot bath, turn the lights off, & use an essential oil diffuser (with red light setting to boost melatonin levels) with your favourite essential oil blend- lie back & relax 20-40 mins! It’s the ultimate relaxing end to the day.

    12. Nicholas Zischke (verified owner)

      Excellent product. Feels very nice relaxing in the bath tub with 2kg of these salts.

    13. j.ksymonds (verified owner)

      I have been a customer for years now and I am always incredibly impressed with your service on the phone and with the brilliant dispatch and delivery times. Blants products are second to none as is the service. I am so grateful to have stumbled across your website years ago as I can now get what I need in bulk at an affordable price and the speediest delivery time.
      Thank you all so very much.

    14. pkendrick88 (verified owner)

      Have been buying these salts from Blants for years. Great customer service, super fast delivery and fantastic price for this product. Highly recommend!

    15. David Duhig (verified owner)

      Talk about bang for buck! I use Epsom salts daily for muscle recovery and this stuff works a treat!

    16. gm.cr.bailey (verified owner)

      I love to use Gold Label epsom salts in my bath at night, with a few drops of lavender oil it helps me relax and get a good nights sleep.

    17. belinda-0173 (verified owner)

      Im always surprised how quickly i use this bag but i add 2 big cups everyday and the kids love using it also.
      A great buy !!

    18. Natalie Sztanski (verified owner)

      The Gold Label Epsom Salts are great quality and I find the 20kg bag is cost effective. I love how fast they also get delivered, I’ve recommended this company to many friends!

    19. Jennifer Schefe (verified owner)

      I have been buying from Blants now for a few years. Amasing service, great products, delivery processes, communication just excellent service thank you!
      I use the epsom salts to manage back pain and love that I can buy in bulk and recommend Blants.

    20. BRETT STEPHENSON (verified owner)

      This stuff is amazing – 1 cup full in big bath will soothe away your aches & pains – once a month I recycle the bathwater for my outdoor plants in pots – they love it !!
      The 20kg bag is so much more economical than buying 1kg at a time at the supermarket & even though I am in the country it arrives in a few days. Love the stuff!!

    21. melcatt3 (verified owner)

      Blants Gold Label Epsom Salts is fantastic. The 20 kg bag is great value for money. I use it as part of my self care, it helps my body remove the neuro-toxins caused by Lyme disease. I makes a big difference to my quality of life.

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