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    Keep kids engaged & learning with this fun and interactive DIY craft box.

    Not only are they fun and entertaining; engaging in these kinds of experimental activities nurtures intellectual curiosity. Ignite their interest with these science experiments as they play.

    Perfect for rainy days, hot days, inside days, quiet days, weekends & school holidays, birthday parties and gifting.

    There are 5 crafts in one DIY box – Fizzy Bath Bombs, Self-inflating Balloons, Crystal Stars, Slime and Clay Face Masks for the young & young at heart.

    Fizzy Bath Bombs (makes 10 – 12 bath bombs)

    DIY Fizzy Bath Bombs - natural ingredients

    Creative, fun, relaxing and ever so rewarding – make your very own Fizzy Bath bombs, scented with lavender essential oil, with three colour choices of blue, pink and green. Throw them into the bath and be fascinated as they fizz away, releasing colour, a beautiful scent and Epsom salt. The essential oil, beneficial minerals and fizzy bubbles are a delight for the senses and ever so relaxing as you soak away stress, tension and relax all over.

    Self-inflating Balloon Experiment (4)

    DIY Self-inflating Balloon - natural ingredients

    Have you ever seen a balloon inflate itself? You will be in awe watching the balloon inflate without even blowing into it!  It’s fascinating to watch the reaction when Bicarb Soda and Vinegar combine, releasing carbon dioxide gas which fills the bottle and then the balloon causing it to inflate!

    Crystal Stars (makes 6)

    DIY Crystal Stars - natural ingredients

    Growing your own Crystal Stars is a super easy chemistry experiment which also allows kids to learn about crystal formation. As the borax and water solution begins to cool, crystal particles will begin to form on whatever object is added to the water – very cool!

    Clay Face Masks (makes 4 face masks, or 10 masks without glycerine)

    DIY Detox Face Mask - natural ingredients

    Nothing says spa quite like a facial! This fun exercise is a win/win for kids and mum – the kids get to mix clay and spread it on their face and mum gets a facial. This basic face mask is a safe and fun way for the kids to explore clay as they prepare the mix for a facial. On the ‘good for you’ side of things, Bentonite Clay with added Frankincense Essential Oil tightens, softens and clears the skin, drawing out toxins, oils and gunk from deep within the pores leaving you with a perky new glow!

    Slime (makes 2 batches of slime)

    DIY Slime - natural ingrediets

    Slime is gooey, stretchy and great fun! Try this awesome slime recipe.

    The texture is so fun to play with and kids will love stretching this slime.

    Slime can be fascinating for all ages and can also provide a great learning experience about chemistry. Making slime comes from a chemical reaction from mixing the glue, water, and slime activator – borax!

    Our DIY Slime Kit comes with all the ingredients you’ll need for some slime-tastic fun!

    Unleash the curious, the fun lover, the creative, the scientist within.

    The kit contains everything you need for all 5 projects.


    • Bicarb of soda
    • Epsom salt
    • Citric acid
    • Borax
    • Bentonite clay
    • Frankincense Essential Oil
    • Lavender Essential Oil
    • Washable Glue
    • Vinegar
    • Food colouring – blue, green, pink
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Balloons
    • Spatula
    • Funnel
    • Instructions

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