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Natural Epsom Salt - Food Grade 20kg

Product code: NES20
Buy bulk Natural Epsom Salt 20kg sourced from Germany at wholesale & retail prices. It is not only 100% Natural, but also Food Grade. Premium quality Epsom Salts from Germany! It is Blants pleasure to be the online supplier in Australia where you can buy genuine bulk Natural Epsom Salts Food Grade for personal use & for business owners. It is considerately and skillfully mined with a simple, efficient production method designed to bring you the purest Food Grade Epsom Salts with minimal interference from man and machinery. Our 20kg Epsom Salts slider bag makes it easy to use and seal, so whether you want to buy just one bag for personal use at retail price or buy at wholesale prices for business owners, buy Epsom Salts online & have it delivered, and use in a bath soak, foot soak, skin care, safe for internal use, and more.

Epsom Salts plays an integral role in assisting the body to rid itself of toxins, sedate the nervous system, supply us with magnesium and sulfates/sulphates, and in maintaining a healthy intestinal tract. Epsom Salt is beneficial in the treatment of Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Eclampsia in pregnancies. On this link you will find why Magnesium is important and what are the Magnesium Health Benefits

Epsom Salts Magnesium in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide with delivery discounts for multiple items, how good is that !

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Price: $70.00

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