Magnesium & Thankfulness

The Wellness Hack To Help Clear Brain Fog Naturally

Magnesium in Mental Wellbeing – Part 2

Clear brain fog naturally

Did you grow up hearing the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?? It took me a long time to realise this was not about the wonder working power of apples but rather emphasising the long-term benefits of small and consistent healthy choices! Just as true today, being intentional about what we put in our bodies is incredibly important, however, choices that benefit our mental health, matter just as much. The adulting magic happens when we find wellness “hacks” that nourish our body, soul and mind simultaneously! Here at Blants we’d love to share with you one holistic hack that is particularly helpful for clearing brain fog and boosting clarity!

As discussed in part 1 of this blog series, magnesium is an incredibly important mineral that helps to keep our bodies functioning at their optimum level. Magnesium deficiency is linked to a host of chronic conditions and mental health issues and a shared symptom of many of these is brain fog.

What exactly is brain fog?

Brain fog isn’t a medical term but it is taken seriously by the medical community. It can include:

  • A “Fuzzy” Feeling
  • Sluggish Memory
  • Poor Focus or Concentrate
  • Slow To Processing Information
  • Trouble Problem Solving
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Trouble Finding words

Brain fog symptoms

One of the above symptoms can happen to anyone occasionally and especially if low on sleep, however, regular occurrences of brain fog as listed above should be discussed with your health care professional.

The way magnesium helps us to combat brain fog and other mental health related issues is by restricting and regulating the release of hormones in the brain. Think of magnesium as your brain’s bouncer, when security is tight the trouble makers can’t get through but if security is overworked and understaffed, party crashers cruise on in and things get messy! This further overwhelms the overworked staff and more gate crashers get through making it hard to see who’s in charge and what’s happening. However, we are all about good news here at Blants and we’d love to share with you our wellness hack to get those security guards back in business so your brain can take charge.

A thankful salt soak a day, keeps the brain fog away!

Transdermal (through the skin) supplementing of magnesium is not only a safe and effective way to boost your levels, it also gives you the best opportunity to engage your mind and soul in the process so that you are getting maximum rewards for your money and time spent.

Empower your mind body and soul

While your body is soaking in the magnesium to better regulate over 300 biochemical reactions, you can intentionally empower your soul and mind to think clearer and let go of unwanted and unhelpful thoughts.

A simple but powerful technique is thankfulness, also known as gratitude.

Have you ever taken time out to relax but found your mind wandering onto your to-do list and maybe even left the experience feeling guilty that you didn’t really unwind? In this digital driven world it can be easy for our minds to miss the self-care memo, even when soaking in a healing tub of magnesium infused bath salts! Intentionally choosing to focus on things you can be thankful for, no matter how small or how few, will actually strengthen your neuropathways to help you think clearer and resist stress.

An ancient proverb writes that a merry or thankful heart does good like medicine and science is now showing this to be true.

When you start to engage in the practise of thankfulness you will find that you tend to notice more of what you have around you, rather than what is missing. In creating a self-care ritual that engages your body and your mind, you will begin to see from a place of clarity, knowing what you have and who you are, rather than being bombarded by the chaos of what you need or haven’t done.

A thankful heart

Don’t have time for a thankful soak everyday? There’s a hack for that – ever heard of the phrase “shower in a can”? Our magnesium oil spray is your quick, easy and powerful salt soak that can travel anywhere you go! Simply create a self-care ritual of taking 5 minutes to generously rub the oil into your skin whilst bringing to your attention what you are grateful for.

Thanks to the magic (ok well science) of combining magnesium and thankfulness to empower your mind, body & soul, we trust that you will relish in your thankful salt soak a day to disperse the brain fog and get you back seeing clear skies ahead!

Clear skies ahead - mental wellness

Please note – Blants are not Medical or Psychological professionals and this article is not medical advice. Please reach out to your provider for health care advice and if you are experiencing hard times in your mental health click here for a number of organisations that are trained and willing to help.


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