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Do I have to create an account ?

No. You may simply go straight to the 'Shop Online' page, or to any 'Product Page' & click 'add to cart' and place your order.

 How do I create a BLANTs user account ?

On the right hand side of our ‘home page’, just under “User login”, you will see “Create new account”.
Step 1: Simply click “Create new account”, then select a username that is easy to remember.
Step 2: Enter your email address.
Step 3: Make up a password.
Step 4: The final step - At the bottom of the page, click “Create new account” again, to submit the form.
You will automatically receive an email to say you have successfully created an account with BLANTs.

How much does it cost for delivery ?

Our Checkout automatically quotes you the delivery fee once you enter your Suburb, State, Postcode.
(please ensure they are entered in the correct fields with correct spelling.
Otherwise, the system will NOT generate all shipping options.
Example - If Aust Post is the only quoted option, then please check what you have typed).

Then simply scroll down to view your quoted delivery options, and then select your preference if you want to proceed.

Please check the "Delivery Address" on the "Review Order" page before making payment.

How long does delivery take ?
We transport all paid orders to the Sydney courier depot 3 times per week, from there -
 - Delivery via E-go couriers & Aust Post: approx 2 – 5 business days, depending on how busy they are.
 - Delivery to your door via Clipper Parcels: 1 – 2 business days.
Can I collect from a Sydney courier depot ?
The Sydney couriers would still charge a fee for ‘holding’ your order (for your collection), and at best you would only save $1 or $2. Since the delivery fee to your door within Sydney is very inexpensive, to save depot congestion, we do not offer any collections from any Sydney courier depot..sorry.

If I collect from a Depot on your list - is there any charge ?

Yes - If you elect to collect your order from a courier depot it will still incur a delivery charge, as the courier depots are simply a point of collection to lessen the delivery fee. They do not stock our products, and all items are dispatched from Sydney.

What is the Address of the Courier Depot I have selected ?
First make sure the “Shipping method” (on the Checkout page) is selected to “Delivery to Depot (for your collection)”, and also select the Courier Instructions “I am collecting from a courier depot/agent”. Once that is done, simply click the “Review Order” button, to view the address of the courier depot you will be collecting from.

How do I know when my order has arrived at the Depot (for my collection) ?
Once your order has been dispatched, we will email an 'Order Update'  with the ' Tracking Number ' which enables you to track its progress.  However, most depots will notify you directly.

Can I pay with my Credit Card, or do I need a Paypal account ?

Once you submit the order, it will take you to a secure page for payment via Credit Card through Paypals secure page.  ..(unless you have opted to pay via EFT).
On Paypals secure page, you will have 2 options for payment:
 – Pay via existing Paypal Account or pay via Credit Card.
At the top right hand side, you will see “Pay with Paypal account” – click on this if you want to pay with your existing paypal account.
Or, simply scroll down a bit, and you will see “Pay via Credit Card” – click on this if you want to pay with your Credit Card
You will automatically receive an Invoice, for your records, once your order has been completed. ..(providing you have entered a correct email address on the order form).
What are the bank account details for EFT payments ?
If you wish to pay for your order via EFT / Bank deposit, simply click “Internet and Bank Deposits” as your payment method, and submit the form.
Once you submit the form, you will automatically receive an Invoice - Our bank details are located at the bottom of the invoice.

What does "Completed" mean on my Order Status ?

Once your order has been processed, and booked in with the couriers, we will email you an Order Status Update that
says "Completed" which means your order is now in the hands of the couriers to on-forward to you, so you know your order is on the way.

Epsom salt – Gold Label or Super Natural
 - What is the difference, and which Epsom Salt should I buy ?

Two criteria for BLANTs products, are quality and affordability. We periodically independently analyse our products for compliance with USP, BP [pharmaceutical]or Food Grade specifications. Compliance with these specifications ensures quality, however ‘compliance alone’ does not entitle them to be labelled as such; as there are additional production, handling and packaging protocols also that if not undertaken by the supplier do not entitle the  product to be labelled USP, BP or Food grade compliant.
Whilst both our Gold Label and our ‘Super-Natural’ meet our criteria there are differences in the two which may be inconsequential to some buyers, and of paramount importance to others.
Most all Epsom Salt worldwide is man-made, produced by mixing the chemicals that make up the chemical composition. Our Gold Label Epsom Salt is also a man-made product. In addition, although compliant to the the USP/BP parameters it cannot be labelled or sold as a graded salt as the producers do not meet the additional protocols as mentioned in the opening paragraph. It is however a great value, quality Epsom Salt we have been importing for many years, with great feedback from many very happy customers!
Where possible we have a third criterion – ‘Natural’. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our products were of Natural origin! Unfortunately that is not always possible due to either availability or affordability. Our ‘Super-Natural’ Epsom salt is of Natural origin; very rare today! In addition, it is also a fully certified Food Grade Epsom Salt also compliant to USP and BP specifications, originating from Germany! We regard this as THE best Epsom Salt available worldwide!
So therein is the difference in the two Epsom Salt.
So which one is suitable for your personal application: We do not recommend one or the other of our Epsom Salt, but rely on customers evaluating this themselves from the info we provide above and their own research.

Another frequently asked question is -
'Which Salt Should I Use' ?
.epsom salt / magnesium chloride flakes / dead sea salt / two salts.
Please click to read - 'Which Salt Should I Use' to help you make your decision.

Can I take your salts orally ?
We leave this decision with the individual, although some of our products may definitely be unsuitable for oral use. Please refer to table below. A 'Food Standards Australia’ spokesman relayed they have no Food regulation on some of our products and where no regulation exists a non-food grade product could possibly be marketed for oral use  when compliant to Pharmacopeia or Food analysis. To date we have elected not to do so but leave the choice for oral use with the individual.
Some of our customers have relayed that they are not concerned with official ‘Food Grade’ certification and are happy to take them orally. Some folk would prefer all the boxes are ticked before they take anything orally. So in the end it is a personal choice one makes based on ones’ own understanding, research and ethos.
As a guide, the author regularly uses a variety of his Non-Food grade products orally, but that is his personal decision and not intended to influence yours, in any way. Always seek professional medical advice.
Please refer to table below

# Certified Food Grade
# Not certified as Food grade but compliant to Pharmacopeia or Food grade analysis.
# Not certified as Food grade. No comparative Food grade data available. Analysed for purity. 
   Personal decision to take orally or not. 
# Not to be taken orally, either due to unsafe or Food Standards Australia regulations.
Super-Natural Sodium Bicarbonate #
Super-Natural Epsom Salt #
Gold Label Epsom Salt #
Super-Natural Magnesium Chloride #
Two Salts #
Borax #
Super-Natural Dead Sea Salt #
Magnesium Oil






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