Diatomaceous Earth – Facts and Uses

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Good Health Starts in The Gut

Mainstream health has finally caught on to what Complimentary and Alternate health experts have always know – good health starts in the gut! DE is referred to as the Ultimate Gut Cleanser, promoting good gut health as it scrubs the intestinal tracts, literally strips and traps parasites, toxins, and a host of pathogens escorting them out of the body thus greatly improves regularity and digestive health. It is estimated that after a few months of taking DE your intestinal tract may be cleansed of pathogens and other undesirables. Less pressure on the immune system results in more energy, improved overall health and a happier you!

How much to take? – Sorry, Blants do not provide actual information re oral use as it varies from individual to individual, protocol to protocol. This info is available on the net or from a health care professional for your personal evaluation. As a guide and only a guide, adults can start with a half teaspoon twice a day and gradually increase over a few weeks. Can be mixed with water, juices, or yoghurt. After taking, drink an extra cup of water and water throughout the day to remain hydrated, to assist the expulsion of toxins and prevent the possibility of constipation.

Other benefits for humans

Are there other benefits? We are limited on what we can say as regulatory bodies have gagged us from sharing benefits described as ‘therapeutic claims’ on many of our products. There are many testimonies and research to be found on the web, spruiking of amazing results to chronic and acute conditions that mainstream medicine struggle to find answers for. No surprise there!

Face Mask

Make a thick paste by mixing about 3 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth with 1 tablespoon of water.  Add more DE for a thicker mix.

Apply to the face, gently massaging in, let the paste set for 2-5 minutes.

Remove with a warm washcloth using small, circular movements. Avoid eyes and mouth to prevent irritation.

Moisturise immediately afterwards.

Full Body DE Mud Pack

Mix the same ratio as for Face mask but enough to cover all the body. Apply to the body, gently but firmly in a circular exfoliating motion to remove dead skin particles and invigorate skin. Do sections of the body at a time. Leave on for a few minutes and wipe off with a warm washcloth. Be careful not to leave on too long as you may be stiff as a board.

Teeth & Gums

DE can be mixed with your toothpaste, add to your own cottage tooth cleaner mix or used on its own  to help remove bacteria which can lead to plaque build-up and discolouration. As a natural anti-bacterial, diatomaceous earth can help to reduce the risk of gum disease and improve oral health.

A Natural Insecticide for Home

DE repels many insects. Control the entry of insects into your home by placing small amounts in corners and along edges of cupboards, crevasses and anywhere insects gather. As the insects come in contact with the DE it penetrates their outer waxy covering causing dehydration. Dust into carpets where animals lie, to kill fleas and other small insects. Use a bulb duster (available online) to distribute DE into hard to get at places.

A Natural Insecticide for Pets and Livestock

DE is an extremely effective natural alternative to chemical insecticides. DE fixes to the hair of insects penetrating their protective waxy layers; the insects dehydrate and die. Sprinkle DE into the coats, bedding and apparel of pets and livestock to eliminate fleas, ticks, mites. Sprinkle onto carpets where pets may lay in the house.

Birds frequently take dust baths, to rid themselves of parasites. Ancient cultures have long used inert dusts for insect control.

For a Bed Bugged Mattress

To treat bed bugs liberally sprinkle DE by hand or using a bulb puffer; onto the mattress, around your bed, along carpet edges where it meets the wall and beneath power points (they tend to congregate in power sockets).

Leave DE in place for a few weeks. You may need to repeat the process until bugs are eliminated.

Side Effects

As with any detox protocol, side effects (die-off reaction from toxins, parasites, etc) may be experienced with DE if detoxing too quickly or the body is unprepared for the expulsion of toxins. Symptoms of die-off may be joint pain, fatigue, not feeling well, headaches. Best Practice before any detox is to prepare a few days before by drinking lots of water and use an Epsom salt protocol to flush the body of waste so toxins are not trapped and recirculated in the body. Start slowly and build slowly over a few days to weeks gauging your bodies personal response.

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